Executive team

Academic Research Management

The Academic Research Managers cover crucial responsibilities in the realm of DIGICORE research coordination and facilitation. One of their primary tasks is to establish and oversee research groups, ensuring the formation of cohesive and productive teams and launch new promising working groups . They play a pivotal role in catalysing discussions within these groups, fostering an environment of collaboration and knowledge exchange.
By appropriating the focus of these research groups, Academic Research Managers ensure that the applications and projects coming from their suggestions or from original ideas of the research groups, are aligned with the with the DIGICORE's objectives and give a demonstrable contribute to the advancement of knowledge in their respective fields.

Moreover, they promote the organisation of virtual seminars and other events that serve as platforms to inspire researchers, encourage innovative thinking, and encourage interdisciplinary collaboration. These initiatives not only stimulate intellectual growth but also create opportunities for networking and partnership building within the research network and may attract other cancer centres/institutes to the DIGICORE membership.

The Academic Research Managers, together and in synergy with the Commercial research Manager and the board of Directors, play a vital role for the establishment of a European federation on Real World Evidences in the cancer filed.

Prof. Adriana Albini
Dr Alberto Traverso