Executive team

Working Groups

The below DIGICORE Research Working Groups are under evaluation of the DIGICORE Board.

Lung Research WG
(NSCLC, SCLC, mesothelioma)
Breast Research WG
(more focused on Her2)
Urology Research WG
(prostate, bladder etc – More urogenital)
Colorectal Research WG
Upper GI Research WG
(oesophageal, stomach, liver, and bile duct, pancreatic)
Brain & Head and Neck Research WG
OBGYN Research WG
(ovarian, cervix, endometrial cancers)
Hematological Research WG

For some of them the DIGICORE Members and Associate members already sent nominations to participate to the activities that will be proposed.

After the first call to demonstrate interest to be involved in one or more Research WGs, the DIGICORE Network increased from 23 Members to 40.
Therefore a new call for demonstration of interest will be soon launched

A videoconference involving all the interested participants appointed by the Members and Associate Members will be organised.

After a general introduction, the participants will be invited to join virtual meeting rooms related to each specific Research WG.

Therefore a new call for demonstration of interest has been launched please click here.