Connect To Win

Connect to Win: an Event organised in Paris on November 3 -5 2021 by the Digital Institute for Cancer Outcomes Research “DIGICORE” to catalyse collaboration between European cancer centres/institutes on future research opportunities for a better re-use of high quality routine EMR data.
The Event has been organised in collaboration with the Institut Curie and with the participation of representatives from DIGICORE Members and from other cancer centres interested to be involved in RWD studies and to the DIGICORE membership.

Below the briefing uploaded on the DigiCore website in October 2021, the Programme of the Event and the presentations given by the invited speakers.


  • Programme

  • Welcome

    T. Philip
  • DIGICORE vision

    G. Ciliberto
  • Connecting to win context

    S. Di Cosimo
  • Cancer Mission culture challenge

    B. Ryll
  • Cancer Centre Survey results

    P. Mahon
  • COVID data-driven approaches

    J. Vereschild
  • Academic RWE Showcase

    S. Di Cosimo
  • ORWIC state of art

    G. Hall
  • A view from Germany

    M. Peuker
  • A view from Italy

    P. Pelicci
  • A view from France

    L. Bosquet
  • Norwegian Cancer Precision Medicine

    K. Tasken
  • Research methods innovation

    P. Mahon
  • Enhanced commercial research I-OO

    K. Dunshkin
  • OMOP networking for EMR

    C. Reich
  • Patient level data

    B. Maissenhalter
  • RWE in America

    N. Dreyer

    J. Guérin
  • Transformative technologies

    P. Mahon
  • Digital Patient Finding

    R. Child
  • Mobilising routine CGP

    V. Liebenberg