Connect To Win

Connect to Win, DIGICORE’s annual meeting, provides a forum where attendees meet in-person over two days to discuss important issues in cancer care and get updated on the Grouping’s running activities.
As a result, the event constitutes a friendly interaction between DIGICORE Members, potential partners from European Cancer Centres and industry stakeholders, all brought together by a common goal: developing and implementing a European research network to accelerate the standardisation of precision oncology.
Every year, Connect to Win is supported by a DIGICORE Member.

The 2022 Edition, organised by the Fondazione Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori of Milan, was held in Milan on November 8th - 9th.


  • Programme

  • Welcome

    G. Apolone
  • Introduction to DigiCore

    G. Ciliberto
  • Agenda

    S. Di Cosimo

    J. Anderson
  • Platinum & Clinical Informatics

    P. Mahon, G. Tonon
  • Research Infrastructures in the new ERA

    A. Karamali
  • European funding

    M. Kuras

    A. Trama

    G. Apolone
  • cEU4H-2021-PJ2

    M. Van Den Bulcke
  • Quality of Life

    C. Brunelli
  • Pragmatics trials

    Å. Helland

    D. Lacombe
  • Pragmatic trials

    K. Staal Rohrber
  • Advances clinical informatics

    A. Dekker
  • Pragmatic outcomes from medical imaging

    A. Traverso
  • Data Science Infrastructure

    A. Cesario

    I. Kirac

    Breast cancer Team

    Head and neck cancer Team

    Uro oncology Team
  • Need for Advanced RWE

    A. Bruno
  • EU Cancer mission

    J.W van de Loo